Monday, September 29, 2008

My Snow Fairy

I'm really happy with the way this little bear has turned out. I actually started on her several weeks ago. The idea was in my head way before that. My inspiration was actually the fabric used for her skirt. It reminded me a retro Christmas-you know-60's aluminum trees with color wheels. I had the fur, which I think is no longer available in light pink. But there were some supplies needed to complete her that I had to wait on. Her needle felted nose had some irridescent "glitz" added to it. The snowflake on the end of her wand came from the scrapbooking section in Target. Then I needed some irridescent ribbon for her wings. She might get listed on Bid 4 Bears after Halloween but I might have trouble parting with this one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New little dogs

I finished 2 more little dogs this week. They are both made with a tan mohair. I added a white muzzle to one. Actually, Koko's body was originally made for O'la, the Chiuhuahua. I sewed and jointed the body then made the head. It was obvious that the body was too big for the little Chihuahua head. So I made a smaller body pattern, then cut out the big head for Koko. He is up for auction on Bid 4 Bears this week. I haven't decided what to do with O'la yet. I might put her in my etsy shop next week. Stay tuned.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Edinburgh Challenge & Lemonade Bears

Edinburgh's quarterly challenge ends on Sept 30. The current challenge is called "Goin' Buggy". Enter bears and/or critters that are "Goin' Buggy". Is your bear a butterfly, a bumblebee or do you have a swell tarantula to show off? All are welcome in this Challenge. The prize is a $25 certificate for Edinburgh Imports. They have wonderful fur and all kinds of bear making and needle felting supplies. Calliope the Caterpiller is my entry in the challenge.
Also check out the Lemonade Bears Benefit, this weekend, on Bid 4 Bears. All proceeds go the Alex's Lemonade Stand to fight pediatric cancer.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doggie Woes

I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted. Time flies! I really haven't been doing much but sewing and bookkeeping. I spent all afternoon at the vet's today though. Lexi, my wire haired Dachshund, is already on heart meds for an enlarged heart. She has and infected molar and the vet was hoping antibiotics would clear it up so she wouldn't need to go under anesthesia to have it pulled. Two rounds of the rx and it is still a small draining spot on her face. So this morning I called and made an appt for pre-op blood work. By the time I got her there at 12:40, I had decided she wasn't feeling well. She was hiding in her little doggie tent all morning. This is a dog that appears at the fridge ever time it opens. She would eat a treat, but only if I took it to her. She also had a slight limb. This turned out to be the least of her troubles. She has a toenail that had cracked at the base and hurt when she put her paw down. As the vet listened to her heart for what seemed like forever, I knew it wasn't a good sign. X-rays were taken, digital these days. The vet brought in a lap top to show me the x-rays. Lexi's heart is more enlarged than before and there is some fluid in her lungs. I came home with a bag of medication. The vet increased her enalapril and put her back on a diuretic(she hadn't needed it since Jan). More antibiotics too. They can't pull her tooth until she is better either. She is only 11 years old, which is not that old for a Dachshund. I have had many over the years and the average life span is 15.
I did sell 2 bears and a cat today. It almost covers the vet bill.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Favorite Fishin Spot

We hadn't been there in quite awhile but we used to go several times a week. It's only 6 miles from our house-just on the other side of the Indian River. There are boat ramps and picnic tables. Bill stops at a bait store on the way and gets about 1/2 dozen shrimp, sometimes more. This time he also took his crab trap and some chicken necks to bait it. I take a beach chair and the cooler. I thought about taking a book this time but I really just enjoyed sitting by the water. Bill ended up just "drowning the shrimp" although he felt some bites. He has caught some big catfish and once caught a 48" red drum at this spot. So we soaked up the atmosphere and some sun for about an hour and a half then packed the car. The funniest thing was when Bill pulled up the crab trap it was full of blowfish! I had already put away my camera but now wish I had gotten a photo of the dozen or so fully inflated blowfish and Bill trying to figure out how to get them out of his crap trap.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lemonade Bears Benefit

Yes, it's that time of year again! This is the third year I have participated in the Lemonade Bear Benefit. The auction will take place on Bid 4 Bears September 19th to the 21st. Over 25 International Bear Artists are taking part. All proceeds go to Alex's Lemonade Stand to fight childhood cancer.
This year I have made "Honey and her cat, Lemon" for the auction. Honey is wearing a citrus print dress. Lemon is made with Kool Aid dyed mohair.
To see the list of other participants and a sneak peek at other creations click here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy weekend

Now that Labor Day has passed it seems like it's time to buckle down. We did have a nice weekend though. Saturday there was a small get together for Bill's aunt's birthday. It was supposed to be a picnic but the weather didn't cooperate. Still we had a nice meal and then a huge chocolate cake. Sunday we attended church to see my 16 year old nephew, Billy, get baptized. I was reminded of my baptism many years ago. My brother, Bill(Billy's dad) and I were baptized the same day.
I also worked on some Christmas bears. I was trying to get them done so photos could be submitted for Teddy Bear Review. Much to my husband's dismay, I started listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas music and usually start listening in August. Although I try to listen when Bill is not around, partly because he isn't ready for it and partly because he teases me, he got in the car and I had forgotten to eject the cd. Now I'm going to work on a Halloween project. The photo is a sneak peek collage of my Christmas critters.