Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back from limbo

Also known as dead computer. Last Wednesday I woke up and routinely turned on the computer. When an error message popped up saying "windows can not open...error something or other", I was really awake. After breakfast, we packed it up and took it to the computer hospital at Staples. It took them a day to tell us it was DOA. Another trip to pick out a new computer. When did we become so dependent on the computer and the internet? It was just 2 ½ days without and we felt totally isolated. The worst part was the Teddies Worldwide online show was due to start on Friday. Finally, at 2 on Friday afternoon the new computer was ready. They were able to retrieve some info off my old hard drive(for and extra charge). Unfortunately, now, I don't have the software to open some of them. The new computer has windows 7 so it will take a little getting use to. I haven't tried loading frontpage yet. I maintain my website with it and microsoft has discontinued it. Don't know what I will do if it won't work. I did lose a lot of my bookmarks and email addresses. I really need to start backing up on a regular basis...onto a flash drive to be safe.
Dolly did find a new home at the Teddies Worldwide show. She packed up her little case and headed to Virginia. The others will be available soon. I was very happy with the way the Tea Cup Fairies turned out and I hope they will find new homes soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anticipation & Garage Sale Finds

It's only a few more days til the Teddies Worldwide Tea Party show. Remember to go to the preview page here and vote for your favorite. The voting ends Thursday the 22nd and the show starts Friday the 23rd at 4pm est. The collectors choice award will be announced at the beginning of the show. Lots of wonderful Teddy Bears in their Tea Party finery to look at.

garage sale finds
I purchased these guys at a garage sale a couple of Saturdays ago. The 3 critters in the front are Steiff. I listed them in my Nancy's Notions etsy shop. The cat sold the same day I listed it but the beaver and the mouse are still available.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Teddy Tea Party Preview

The preview has begun. There are many wonderful bears...all with a Tea Party theme.
Dolly is my preview bear. She is dressed for the party. You can vote on your favorite until March 22 and there will be a collector's choice awarded to the one that gets the most votes. The show starts March 23 at 4 pm est. I will have 6 bears in the show and there are almost 100 artists participating so there will be lots to look at it. Go to www.teddiesworldwide.com to vote.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playing with dolls

Since moving a little over a year ago I haven't played with my Blythe doll, Shannon, at all. I had even decided to sell her. I did sell some of her clothes I had made myself and some shoes and accessories that I had purchased. While looking at the pics of beautiful dolls, including Blythes, on Pinterest the interest in making some doll clothes came back. Bill saw me looking at the pics and asked if I had sold my Blythe doll. When I told him I still have her, he said "Good, I know you liked that doll". I didn't realize he felt that way(I figured he thought me silly). So, Shannon will be coming out of her box soon. I'm sure she is tired of being ignored.
I have also dreamed of getting a Lati or similar small bjd doll. Fellow Teddy bear artist, Joanne, purchased an blank hujoo doll and customized it herself. As Lati dolls start at $300 this would be a lot more affordable for me. Not sure I could handle the customizing myself. it involves inserting eyes, making a wig and adding some color to her face. I'm thinking about it....what will Bill say if I get another doll??

Thursday, March 1, 2012

First visit to Beach this year

This has been a very mild winter and today the temps were in the upper 80's. We love the beach, it was one of the reasons we moved to Florida. Our favorite beach is the Canaveral National Seashore park, aka Playlinda beach. It's about a 20 minute ride from home. Since it's a National park there is no commercialization. Just beautiful beaches. Since it was our first trip this year, we decided not to stay too long. We managed to get a little pink sunburn anyway. But there is nothing like the sound and smell of the ocean to invigorate you. So we came home, washed off the sand, and got to work. Working on a bear for the Teddies Worldwide Tea Party show.
The preview is just one week away. Stay tuned, because I will need votes for the best tea party attire for my bear.
The photo is of Playlinda beach with Myrna the beach dog photoshopped in. I created her in 2007 and she is a beach loving dog.