Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scare D. Cat & Fray D. Cat

Well, Mellow Yellow is on his way to NM. I don't know the totals yet, but I think the Lemonade Bears Benefit Auction was a great success. I checked in often and I think all the auction pieces were selling. I'm really glad I participated and I hope Mellow brings many smiles to his new person.

I have been working on Halloween cats again. I have always been a Christmas person and never got that excited about Halloween(except for the candy). This year I am enjoying decorating and creating for the spooky holiday. I will be listing the siblings- Scare D. Cat and Fray D. Cat on ebay later tonight. You can see them here .

Besides listing books on Amazon today I got some other things started. I dyed some wool to match a Siamese cat I am working on. I will be needle felting her "cheeks" with the dyed wool. I am also working on a calico kitty - both for the Kitty Kibbles series. Boy for a dog person I sure have been making a lot of cats.

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