Friday, September 25, 2009


My niece, Charla, turned 20 this month. My sister posted this baby photo of Charla on facebook. The dress she is wearing looked somewhat familiar. I asked my sister if I had made it and indeed it's my handiwork, including the doll with her matching dress. The thing is, I have no memory of making the dress or the doll. You would think with all that lace, ribbon, and ruffles I would remember something. It got me thinking about memory. What makes something stay in your brain? I have some vivid memories of really inconsequential things from my childhood. But I draw a blank on some things from last week. When all your days are added up(I calculated that I have lived over 20,500 days) why does your brain store some things and delete others. It's a given that we remember special occasions or monumental historical events(9/11). Some days I feel like I am just running on remote control. I guess those are the days my brain decides aren't worth storing. Do we just run out of space for our memories? Oh well, I wanted to say more but I forgot......

Friday, September 18, 2009


Gijzette of Elfin Bears.
Beebee, one of my Strawberry Shortcake girls, wanted to help pick the winner. As soon as I get a snail mail address from Gijzette the spider pin keep will be on it's way just in time for Halloween. I guess my next blogging goal is my 300th but it might be awhile. I hope everyone enjoys blogging as much as I do. No controversial or political ramblings here. Just personal anecdotes and artistic(I hope) and crafty creations. Hope you visit my blog again.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My 200th Post Blog Giveaway!

Well, it has taken me awhile to get to my 200th post but it is finally here. If I had more time it would have arrived a lot sooner because I love blogging. I try to make it like writing a letter to a friend. It's nice to think there are many wonderful friends out there in cyberland. So, in honor of my 200th post I am having a giveaway.
Viv, of Viv's Whimsy, inspired me to make a pinkeep. She makes wonderful, imaginative pinkeeps as well as other crafty things. She is listed as one the the crafty blogs I read along my side bar. I picked up the spider candle holder last Halloween and put it in a drawer hoping for some inspiration before this Halloween. A couple of weeks ago I opened the drawer looking for something else and it caught my eye. The pinkeep started to take shape in my mind. It was difficult to photograph and is cuter in person. The little troll is made with vintage upholstery velvet. He is string jointed. His little spider friend is needle felted with pipe cleaner legs and bead eyes. I tried to find pearl headed pins that were tear drop shaped but could only find round ones. I have painted little ghost faces on them.
If you want to enter the blog giveaway just leave a comment. I will put the names in a bowl and pick a winner on Friday Sept 18.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Puppy Grrl

This Puppy Grrl, a Border Collie, is a birthday gift for my niece, Charla. She has 2 male Border Collies, Checkers and Flame. I thought she could use a little girl. I have named this Puppy Grrl Fancy. I really love the vintage looking print her dress is made from. I have plenty of the fabric left and I will make another Border Collie to sell. I hope Charla doesn't read my blog because Fancy is on her way via the US mail and I want it to be a surprise. Her birthday is the 13th and Fancy should arrive on the 12th. Now my problem will be to come up with nice gifts for Charla's brother and sister on their birthdays.
Next post will be my 200th...drum roll please...I will have a blog giveaway. Please check back on Sunday the 13th and leave a comment to participate in the giveaway.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Special Day

Today is my wedding anniversary(well mine & Bill's) . I have told the story of our wedding day many times, so if you have heard it before you can skip the next paragraph.
We decided we wanted to get married near the water. Bill's sister, Sue, lived on the Albermarle Sound in North Carolina. It was about 3 1/2 hours from our home( we were also living in North Carolina at the time). We really didn't want to give Sue advanced notice because we were afraid she would make too much fuss. Her daughter was getting married a couple of weeks later and she had enough to do. So we arranged for a minister to come to Sue's house around 6 pm on Sept 5th. That morning we set out for their home. We arrived about 1 pm. After hellos we said we need to go to the court house. "Why do you need to go there, did you get a speeding ticket?" "No, we're getting a marriage license." "YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED? WHEN?" "Today." 'WHERE?" "Here!"
While we went to get our license, Ray, Sue's husband, went out an bought a cake. We had a wonderful little ceremony by the water as the sun was setting. One of the happiest days of my life!!