Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fantasy Ball

It's finally here!! The ball starts May 30 at 6 PM US eastern time. It will last through June 6th. Fantasy critters started running around in my head months ago. Photos of the finished critters were submitted for the ball by May 1st. I will have 3 critters and Whisper the Wood Nymph available. I submitted Whisper for the TACDA awards and although she wasn't nominated, I am proud of her.
There will be a lot of amazing creations at the ball from very talented artists. There will also be voting on the nominees.
There is a sneek peek photo of my 3 creations and a photo of Whisper above. Check back on Sunday for full photos.
To visit the Fantasy Ball click here


Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010 Golden Teddy Nominee

I am doing the happy dance!!! Yesterday afternoon I received word that "Misty Lou" has been nominated for a Golden Teddy Award. I am beyond over the moon. This is my first nomination ever. I had all but given up. There are some wonderful nominees in all the categories and some stiff competition in Misty Lou's category. But as they say "I'm thrilled just to be nominated." Photos of all the nominees in each category will be published in the August issue of Teddy Bear Review. Then the public votes. The awards will be given out at the Doll & Bear Expo in Winston-Salem, NC in October. I probably won't be attending.
Right now....I'm on top of the world!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Decorating help

I can now elaborate on the reason I haven't been sewing much lately. We have been house hunting...looking for a smaller home that will fit our current budget. Finally after several months of looking we made an offer and it was accepted. Closing is the end of next month. The house needs a little work and most of it can be done after moving in as we get the funds. We would like to eventually replace carpet with laminate and kitchen needs a makeover. Some painting will be done before moving in. The master bedroom is currently lavender, a definite no no(especially as far as Bill is concerned). I'm thinking a sandy beige. The room I'm not sure about is the family room. It is currently red. There is a beautiful stone fireplace and we think the red walls take away from it. I was thinking a chocolate brown but Bill wants a little lighter like maybe mocha brown. Not sure what to do with the windows on either side of the fireplace. The previous owner had half of a priscilla curtain on each....not really my taste. I have a nice valence on the front window in my home now and might see how they look. It would save some expense and we would like to do that as much as possible
Each pointed piece is a separate piece so I can divide them between two window. Just not sure if they will look right. I will have a bay window in the living room in the front of the house I will have to figure out too.Don't know yet if the brown blinds are going...haven't measured the windows in the new house yet. Down sizing means each of the bedrooms will only have 1 window instead of the 2 in each in our current home.
This will mean a big change for Lexi and Lucy too. Currently they have a doggie dog that fits in the sliding door. The new house has french doors, which means they will have to ask to go out, something they haven't had to do for 5 years.

As you can see the wallpaper is coming down. Don't like wallpaper anyway but I have never had to take it down before, hopefully it won't be too difficult.
Well, we are looking at this move as another adventure...after all isn't that what life adventure after another.