Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sucessful show

Well the day started out slow but finished wonderfully. There was a steady flow of traffic but most waited until they had taken several turns around the room before buying. Several of my critters went to new homes with some nice collectors. I got to actually meet in person several artists from Teddy Talk and etsy. There is nothing like being in a large room full of Teddy Bear people! I just wish there were more shows within driving distance.
Lucky, the little Irish Terrier, I made as a door prize came home with me because no one drew my name. So I will have a blog giveaway for him at the end of the week. Please check back!
I will be adding some critters to my etsy shop and I am going to start listing on Bear Pile too. I will add a link when I have some in the shop.
I have already purchased more mohair so I need to get busy sewing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pumped for the Tampa Show

I think I am almost ready. Last night I finished Lucky the little Irish Terrier. Valerie from Brightstar Promotions, the show promoter, asked exhibitors to donate something for a door prize at the show. It is not a requirement but I usually have fun with it. Last year I made a tiny mohair bunny. This year I went with a St Patricks theme and made Lucky, put him in a little shamrock bag and added a tag. I hope the door prize winner will enjoy it.
The only problem I have had getting ready for the show is deciding what to wear. Since I usually work at home my wardrobe is jeans or shorts in warmer weather. I have a couple of pairs of nice slacks, but for a reason we will not mention, I can not get into them this year. Also the weather is still questionable. Since it has been cooler than normal here in Florida for this time of year, I don't know weather to dress in long sleeves or short. Will the air conditioning be on or off? Bill says only a women worries about these things. I really want to look nice but also be comfortable. No time to shop for new clothes. I guess I'll be looking through the closet again tonight.
I can't wait to look at the booths with fur for sale. I will probably end up spending any money I make on more fur. Isn't that how it works??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tampa Bear Show on Sunday

Sorry for not posting in so long. Most of last week and this week so far have been taken up getting ready for the show. Today I am packing, making sure all the critters have hang tags, and all supplies(bags, business cards, receipts) are ready. Details available here.
The Be My Valentine online show on TBACA went very well. Three of six bears of mine sold and more than $2700 was raised for Bobo. You can read more about Bobo here. The pair I made for Bobo's booth are still available. The photo is of Mr & Mrs B. More info later on upcoming shows and events at TBACA.
I am really looking forward to the Tampa show as it is the only "in the fur" show I attend. There are several good live show still happening all over but since I don't fly(even on an airplane) I can only attend the ones within driving distance.
I was very sad to receive an email yesterday that Bid 4 Bears is closing down. It was one of the main venues where I actually sold bears. My critters will still be available on etsy and my website. Ebay is still available, but I'm not sure I want to go there to sell. There are a number of Bear Artists that do well there. There are so many bears and other critters for sale that I'm afraid mine would get lost in the crowd.
In the last year and half, my style has really developed so that it is recognizable. I'll just keep plodding along, creating the critters that appear in my head.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Blythe

I took the plunge and purchased a Blythe doll from ebay. I feel guilty about spending the money but I wanted to join in the fun. She is actually bigger than I expected. She has a big head but that is what makes her so cool. There are thousands of photos on flickr of Blythe dolls. Many are customized(not sure I could do that) and all are wearing really neat clothes. I have made her one dress and have material for several more. I need to get her some shoes and socks(I might try to make some socks), probably from ebay or etsy. Lots of cute handmade clothes on etsy.
She needs a name. Because of my Irish heritage, I am thinking Riley or Shannon. Maybe Shannon Riley but I think I am leaning toward Riley.
Well, enough playing for today....back to work.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Nomination and other news

The nominations for the 2009 TOBY (Teddy Bear of the Year) awards by Teddy Bears and Friends magazine came out on Sat Jan 31. The competition is considered prestigious and entries come from all over the world. I entered once before when I first started making bears in the early 90's. I hadn't planned to enter this year but this little bear, Laurel, turned out better than expected. So I photographed her and mailed in my entry fee. I understand that good photographs are very important since the judges only see photos and not the actual entry. My photos were ok, but not super. Laurel was not nominated, but I have to say the bears that were are incredible. No sour grapes, but I don't think I can take the dissapointment again. I am happy with the feedback from others on flickr and the collectors that buy my creations. If Laurel doesn't sell at the Tampa show she will be available on bid4bears or etsy in March.

TBACA Valentine Show Sneak Peek

Remember the TBACA online Valentine show is next week. It starts at 5pm eastern time and runs 24hrs. This photo is a sneak peek of my creations that will be available at the show. Bookmark this http://www.teddybearsandcritters.com/bemyvalentineshowvenue.htm so you can check out the show.
Other news: Our Teddy Bears and Friends Etsy Team is being interviewed on Blog Talk Radio Saturday at 1pm eastern time. You can listen and learn more about our team by going to http://BlockheadRadioLive.com