Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moved my office

When we moved to this house 5 months ago I set up my office in a back tiny bedroom because it had a cable connection. We have an interesting floor plan. When entering from the front door there are 2 open rooms on each side. One is the dining room and the other seems to have no purpose. Behind these rooms is an open kitchen and large open family room. A couple of weeks ago I decided to move my office to one of the front rooms. The problem was figuring out which room would be the easiest to run cable to. Then, about a week and a half ago, I remembered when we had the cable hooked up the cable guy told me we have wireless access. We purchased a nice used computer desk through Craig's list. Then an adapter for my desktop computer so I could connect wirelessly. This proved to be a challenge as I spent all day on the phone with the cable company trying to figure out why it said I was connected but I couldn't get on the internet. Finally, partly with help from my nephew, it was a pretty simple fix. The connection needed to be configured with windows and not the adapter software. So, now I'm in my new, much bigger, and cooler(we also installed a ceiling fan). I just need to keep it uncluttered and clean since it is right inside the front door.

One last note: Voting for the Australian Creative Design Awards is open until Saturday, June 4th. Make sure you go here. Dilly Dalrumple would love your vote!
Dill Dalrumple

Monday, May 16, 2011

A day in the life...

Since my header is labeled the 'Dog Days of Summer", I thought I would do a photographic review of a day for Lexi. She is my 14 year old wirehaired Dachshund. I don't know if Lexi considers herself the alpha dog but she definitely considers herself higher in the pecking order than Lucy, who is 2 years older. I have had Lexi since she was born, as I was a Dachshund breeder at the time and her mom was one of my kennel dogs. The wirehairs are my favorite of the three coats of doxies. Lexi has had many ups and downs and moves in her 14 years. She takes heart meds for an enlarged heart. But her main motivation in life, since she was a puppy, has been food. This last year she seems to sleep a lot more, but if she hears a noise in the kitchen she is there in a flash. Sometimes I don't know if she loves food more than she loves me.

Friday, May 13, 2011


After checking, I discovered it is ok to campaign for votes for the ACD awards. So to vote for Dilly Dalrumple, my creation, click here to vote.
Actually you can vote for any creation but I'm hoping you will think Dilly is a good representation of the Beatrix Potter theme. My original idea was a cat in her style. But I wasn't happy with her when she was almost finished. I looked at her for several days and couldn't figure out why I didn't like her. But I was running out of time to send in the photo of my entry and so Dilly came to be.
Now, I am busy working on critters for the Bears on Parade online show in July. It will be here before you know it. I have lots of parade themed ideas on the drawing board. One is even complete and he turned out just as I imagined.
Although, here in the US, May 30 is the unofficial beginning of summer, it is already pretty hot here in Florida. If you noticed the header has been changed to the Dog Days of Summer. Iggy on the left and Rufus on the right are available in my shop on Bear Pile.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time to Vote!

The voting for the People's Photographic Choice in the Australian Creative Design Awards 2011, is now open. Go here to vote. Click on the bunnie. Beatrix Potter was the theme this year and there are some great interpretations. My entry is there but ...well I don't want to influence anyone's vote. I have voted ...make sure you do. Starting June 1 all entries will be available for adoption. The winners if the Australian Creative Design Awards 2011 will be announced. After you vote mark your calendars.

I am getting ready for a "live" show this Saturday the 7th. It is a doll and bear show in Maitland Florida. It is from 10 to 4 at the Maitland Civic Center, 641 S Maitland Ave. If you are within driving distance...Come On Down!