Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trying to get in the Christmas Spirit

The mocking birds keep making nests on our back porch. I have to duck to keep from being buzzed if I go out there. Another sign of Spring/Summer is the wet season has arrived here in Florida. We are experiencing the first tropical storm of the season with heavy rain and tornado warnings through out the day. But... it's time to make Christmas critters. The magazines need photos by August and I have an online show in November. The current humidity is not helping me get in the mood.
I have been selling some items on ebay and etsy. The local estate and garage sales have yielded some nice finds. We are looking forward to some visits from family in the next few weeks. I have a milestone birthday coming up next month...not sure how I feel about it.
Think I go play some Christmas music...that always makes me feel young.