Monday, September 26, 2011

Dying Dilemma

I used some pineapple flavored Kool-aid to dye some mohair. I was hoping for more of a neon yellow and got kind of an orangey yellow. Most of my bears and critters have clothes and I couldn't find any fabric that looked good with the color. Since I was not really happy with it I started experimenting a little. First, lemon-lime Kool-aid. A nice bright green. The little print fabric on the left goes with it nicely. Next grape. If you just use grape Kool-aid it turns out sort of mauve, not a really good purple. To my surprise it gave me a reddish brown. Now, shades of brown always make nice bears. I like different colors too but a bright green bear? I just don't know. Opinions please!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fairy Gift Bear

Halloween isn't even here yet(much less October) and Christmas is already on my mind. I listen to Christmas music year round. It is on my mp3 player that I take to the gym. Not sure just makes me feel good. So...I found this piece of red crushed upholstery velvet at a thrift store awhile back. It is a good size piece, close to a half of a yard. It is perfect for a Christmas creation and finally an idea took shape. She is a Fairy Gift Bear. Sitting, she measures just under 5 inches tall. Fae has ribbon wings and a glass bead crown. The gift box could hold a small piece of jewelry, a clue to another gift or even fairy dust. A perfect way to present that special gift to a loved one. I don't usually do limited editions but I plan on making 5 or six Fairies, depending on how many I can get from the fabric. Maybe she should just be an open edition. Possibly in other colors for other occasions. Hmmmm...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The big news here in Florida went down to 69 degrees last night in Orlando for the first time in 3 months. It was still in the 90's this afternoon though. Actually, this is the beginning of the best weather here. Warm with low humidity. It does make it hard to get in the mood for fall. Sometimes I miss the leaves changing up north but I definitely don't miss the cold winters. 
Eliza and her little birdie friend, Doolittle are available on my website. Jackie O and Carlton have been adopted. Some Christmas creations are under construction. But we purchased the paint for the exterior of our house this week and we are painting it ourselves. Who knows how long that will take!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome Fall!

Can you believe Labor day has already come and gone? Our wedding anniversary fell on the 5th this year. We celebrated with a trip to the beach then steaks on the grill at home. Now it's time to get out the fall decorations ( even though there will be a couple more months of summer weather here in Florida). Jackie O and her friend Carlton are available on my website and etsy. Carlton is the first crow I have ever made and I think he turned out kinda cute. My first try at making something with paper clay was Gordie the gourd. He turned out ok but I think I need more practice. It was more work than expected so maybe it will be something smaller next time. 
Now it's time to work on some Christmas creations. Actually, it's a little late to start on Christmas but I've been a little behind all year. I picked up a good size piece of bright red viscose at a thrift shop over a year ago. Should be able to come up with something chrismissy from it, right?

Jeannie the elephant genie is on her way to her new home.