Monday, April 26, 2010

Out of sorts

Since completing the last critter for the Fantasy Ball I haven't been able to get going on anything else. There aren't any cute critters running around in my brain right now. Too much else going on in there.
Unfortunately, we are in the same boat as many in the US. Our home is not worth what we owe and other circumstances mean we must find somewhere else to live. So my life has been filled with packing, and looking at smaller homes in the area. We have had one yard sale and will probably have another this weekend. It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in just 5 years. Downsizing means a lot of it will not be going with us. My head is filled with deciding what to pack and what to sell. It is also stressful that there is no set timetable. It could be a couple of months or even a year.
I am looking forward to the Fantasy Ball and my next post will likely be a sneak peek of the critters I will have in the show.
The photo is of a memory shadow box I created a couple of years ago(found it while packing). The photos are of me as a child. There is also a little locket with photos of my mom and dad inside. The "coin" the little bear is holding was something I made for my dad at a carnival.
Next post will be more upbeat....I promise.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Giveaway....

No...not me..Joanne of Desert Mountain Bears is having a drawing on her blog for this beautiful bear. So click on over and leave a comment, I have already left mine. You can click on the pic on the left to get there.
I am working on my last fantasy critter. It has been as slow process as I only think of what is needed as the need appears. First the right color wool for needle felting, then the right color felt for paws. Since the fur was a special dying project(which I am very pleased with), I wasn't sure of colors until it was finished. Now, I have had to order more felting needles as I broke the last course needle and all I have left are fine ones. The needle felted face has started to take shape though and I think it will turn out as pictured in my mind. I must have it finished before May 1 in order to send the photos off to Sandi so she can get all the critters ready for the Fantasy Ball. It starts May 31st. I am really looking forward to it!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks. The days just seem to whiz by. I have one more piece to finish for the Fantasy Ball...just waiting for some felt and wool to arrive. I had a lot of fun dying the fur for this last piece. I tried something a little different this time but you will have to wait and see. Everything for the Ball has to be kept under wraps til the day of the ball. I will post a sneak peek collage when it gets closer.
In trying to disperse the crowding in the critter room I have put several critters in my artfire shop at greatly reduced prices. Some have already found new homes but there are still a few that would love a change of scenery. The three in the photo are still available.
We are having a yard sale tomorrow(more decluttering). Still have to do the sales tax returns for the first quarter but income taxes are done. Hopefully, I will try to post more often but life is busy.