Monday, April 26, 2010

Out of sorts

Since completing the last critter for the Fantasy Ball I haven't been able to get going on anything else. There aren't any cute critters running around in my brain right now. Too much else going on in there.
Unfortunately, we are in the same boat as many in the US. Our home is not worth what we owe and other circumstances mean we must find somewhere else to live. So my life has been filled with packing, and looking at smaller homes in the area. We have had one yard sale and will probably have another this weekend. It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in just 5 years. Downsizing means a lot of it will not be going with us. My head is filled with deciding what to pack and what to sell. It is also stressful that there is no set timetable. It could be a couple of months or even a year.
I am looking forward to the Fantasy Ball and my next post will likely be a sneak peek of the critters I will have in the show.
The photo is of a memory shadow box I created a couple of years ago(found it while packing). The photos are of me as a child. There is also a little locket with photos of my mom and dad inside. The "coin" the little bear is holding was something I made for my dad at a carnival.
Next post will be more upbeat....I promise.


Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

(((((HUGS))))) I'm sorry to hear about your housing situation--that really stinks. Don't feel like you have to be upbeat, you can only be where you are. Keep us up-to-date.
Heaps of Hugs,

Lombardbears said...

Oh Nancy, so sorry you are having to move, how heart breaking! I hope you find a gorgeous place that is a real winner for you in the long run...good things will be round the corner I am sure!
Can't wait to see your Fantasy pieces...I love your little guys, they have sooo much character!!!
Hugs Lindax

vivian said...

aww nancy, thats so sad. I hope this turns out to be a blessing in disquise. I know it will. OUr house is small and sometimes though I wish it were bigger there are so many reasons I'm glad its not! good luck with your yard sales. If I lived nearby, I'd come shop at your sale! where are you thinking of moving too? Staying in florida? If I lived nearby Id come help you pack too.. Hugs to you Nancy, Hang in there.
oh.. and I LOVE that sweet little panda!

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Nancy,

Cheer up sweetie, you have a lot of friends praying for you.

Don't worry about being uninspired right now, when you get settled in your new home, we'll find ways to get those creative juices flowing again.

Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane