Friday, April 9, 2010


Sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks. The days just seem to whiz by. I have one more piece to finish for the Fantasy Ball...just waiting for some felt and wool to arrive. I had a lot of fun dying the fur for this last piece. I tried something a little different this time but you will have to wait and see. Everything for the Ball has to be kept under wraps til the day of the ball. I will post a sneak peek collage when it gets closer.
In trying to disperse the crowding in the critter room I have put several critters in my artfire shop at greatly reduced prices. Some have already found new homes but there are still a few that would love a change of scenery. The three in the photo are still available.
We are having a yard sale tomorrow(more decluttering). Still have to do the sales tax returns for the first quarter but income taxes are done. Hopefully, I will try to post more often but life is busy.

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Anonymous said...

How cute they are. I will call into Etsy and see how wide my purse will stretch. Tee Hee.
Cuddles from April @ April Moon Bears