Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Giveaway....

No...not me..Joanne of Desert Mountain Bears is having a drawing on her blog for this beautiful bear. So click on over and leave a comment, I have already left mine. You can click on the pic on the left to get there.
I am working on my last fantasy critter. It has been as slow process as I only think of what is needed as the need appears. First the right color wool for needle felting, then the right color felt for paws. Since the fur was a special dying project(which I am very pleased with), I wasn't sure of colors until it was finished. Now, I have had to order more felting needles as I broke the last course needle and all I have left are fine ones. The needle felted face has started to take shape though and I think it will turn out as pictured in my mind. I must have it finished before May 1 in order to send the photos off to Sandi so she can get all the critters ready for the Fantasy Ball. It starts May 31st. I am really looking forward to it!

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vivian said...

Hi Nancy! I'm so far behind in blog hopping! Hope all is well with you and youre enjoying life in sunny florida and that youre creating you sweet little friends for all of us to enjoy!
have a sweet weekend. I've been like a crazy women the last few weeks dealing with my nutso life.. all I can say is "stop the merry go round.. I wanna get off for a few minutes!!" lol! I need a trip to Florida!! maybe next year..