Friday, May 13, 2011


After checking, I discovered it is ok to campaign for votes for the ACD awards. So to vote for Dilly Dalrumple, my creation, click here to vote.
Actually you can vote for any creation but I'm hoping you will think Dilly is a good representation of the Beatrix Potter theme. My original idea was a cat in her style. But I wasn't happy with her when she was almost finished. I looked at her for several days and couldn't figure out why I didn't like her. But I was running out of time to send in the photo of my entry and so Dilly came to be.
Now, I am busy working on critters for the Bears on Parade online show in July. It will be here before you know it. I have lots of parade themed ideas on the drawing board. One is even complete and he turned out just as I imagined.
Although, here in the US, May 30 is the unofficial beginning of summer, it is already pretty hot here in Florida. If you noticed the header has been changed to the Dog Days of Summer. Iggy on the left and Rufus on the right are available in my shop on Bear Pile.

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