Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moved my office

When we moved to this house 5 months ago I set up my office in a back tiny bedroom because it had a cable connection. We have an interesting floor plan. When entering from the front door there are 2 open rooms on each side. One is the dining room and the other seems to have no purpose. Behind these rooms is an open kitchen and large open family room. A couple of weeks ago I decided to move my office to one of the front rooms. The problem was figuring out which room would be the easiest to run cable to. Then, about a week and a half ago, I remembered when we had the cable hooked up the cable guy told me we have wireless access. We purchased a nice used computer desk through Craig's list. Then an adapter for my desktop computer so I could connect wirelessly. This proved to be a challenge as I spent all day on the phone with the cable company trying to figure out why it said I was connected but I couldn't get on the internet. Finally, partly with help from my nephew, it was a pretty simple fix. The connection needed to be configured with windows and not the adapter software. So, now I'm in my new, much bigger, and cooler(we also installed a ceiling fan). I just need to keep it uncluttered and clean since it is right inside the front door.

One last note: Voting for the Australian Creative Design Awards is open until Saturday, June 4th. Make sure you go here. Dilly Dalrumple would love your vote!
Dill Dalrumple

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Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

It does look very neat and uncluttered. Just the way I love a room to look. The floors in the space are beautiful. I love wood and they look so good left uncovered. Looks like you have been settling in nicely.