Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sucessful show

Well the day started out slow but finished wonderfully. There was a steady flow of traffic but most waited until they had taken several turns around the room before buying. Several of my critters went to new homes with some nice collectors. I got to actually meet in person several artists from Teddy Talk and etsy. There is nothing like being in a large room full of Teddy Bear people! I just wish there were more shows within driving distance.
Lucky, the little Irish Terrier, I made as a door prize came home with me because no one drew my name. So I will have a blog giveaway for him at the end of the week. Please check back!
I will be adding some critters to my etsy shop and I am going to start listing on Bear Pile too. I will add a link when I have some in the shop.
I have already purchased more mohair so I need to get busy sewing.

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customteddys said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a lot of fun. A room full of Teddy Bear people is not to be taken lightly :) Hugs from Vicki and the Bears