Friday, February 20, 2009

Pumped for the Tampa Show

I think I am almost ready. Last night I finished Lucky the little Irish Terrier. Valerie from Brightstar Promotions, the show promoter, asked exhibitors to donate something for a door prize at the show. It is not a requirement but I usually have fun with it. Last year I made a tiny mohair bunny. This year I went with a St Patricks theme and made Lucky, put him in a little shamrock bag and added a tag. I hope the door prize winner will enjoy it.
The only problem I have had getting ready for the show is deciding what to wear. Since I usually work at home my wardrobe is jeans or shorts in warmer weather. I have a couple of pairs of nice slacks, but for a reason we will not mention, I can not get into them this year. Also the weather is still questionable. Since it has been cooler than normal here in Florida for this time of year, I don't know weather to dress in long sleeves or short. Will the air conditioning be on or off? Bill says only a women worries about these things. I really want to look nice but also be comfortable. No time to shop for new clothes. I guess I'll be looking through the closet again tonight.
I can't wait to look at the booths with fur for sale. I will probably end up spending any money I make on more fur. Isn't that how it works??

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