Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Blythe

I took the plunge and purchased a Blythe doll from ebay. I feel guilty about spending the money but I wanted to join in the fun. She is actually bigger than I expected. She has a big head but that is what makes her so cool. There are thousands of photos on flickr of Blythe dolls. Many are customized(not sure I could do that) and all are wearing really neat clothes. I have made her one dress and have material for several more. I need to get her some shoes and socks(I might try to make some socks), probably from ebay or etsy. Lots of cute handmade clothes on etsy.
She needs a name. Because of my Irish heritage, I am thinking Riley or Shannon. Maybe Shannon Riley but I think I am leaning toward Riley.
Well, enough playing for today....back to work.

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