Friday, September 25, 2009


My niece, Charla, turned 20 this month. My sister posted this baby photo of Charla on facebook. The dress she is wearing looked somewhat familiar. I asked my sister if I had made it and indeed it's my handiwork, including the doll with her matching dress. The thing is, I have no memory of making the dress or the doll. You would think with all that lace, ribbon, and ruffles I would remember something. It got me thinking about memory. What makes something stay in your brain? I have some vivid memories of really inconsequential things from my childhood. But I draw a blank on some things from last week. When all your days are added up(I calculated that I have lived over 20,500 days) why does your brain store some things and delete others. It's a given that we remember special occasions or monumental historical events(9/11). Some days I feel like I am just running on remote control. I guess those are the days my brain decides aren't worth storing. Do we just run out of space for our memories? Oh well, I wanted to say more but I forgot......


vivian said...

ah.. memory... I wish I could remember better. mY short term memory is awful, and my long term isnt much better!
have a great weekend!

Bearly Sane said...

We all seem to have the same problem Nancy as we grow older ... I am hopeless unless I write things down in my diary. But my longterm memory is no better than my shorterm! LOL!! But there is one thing I don't forget ... I do remember who my friends are.
Warmest hugs,

customteddys said...

Maybe it would be just too overwhelming to remember everything. I like to think that the memories I don't have room for will be returned to me when I need them.... kind of like the memory of the dress you made for your niece. Hugs, Vicki