Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Puppy Grrl

This Puppy Grrl, a Border Collie, is a birthday gift for my niece, Charla. She has 2 male Border Collies, Checkers and Flame. I thought she could use a little girl. I have named this Puppy Grrl Fancy. I really love the vintage looking print her dress is made from. I have plenty of the fabric left and I will make another Border Collie to sell. I hope Charla doesn't read my blog because Fancy is on her way via the US mail and I want it to be a surprise. Her birthday is the 13th and Fancy should arrive on the 12th. Now my problem will be to come up with nice gifts for Charla's brother and sister on their birthdays.
Next post will be my 200th...drum roll please...I will have a blog giveaway. Please check back on Sunday the 13th and leave a comment to participate in the giveaway.


vivian said...

I love your puppies! ALL of them. Your neice will love her puppy too. I still have my little jasper cat right where i can look at his sweetness every day!
sweet dreams!

Heather said...

Congrats on almost 200!!!

Border Collies are my favorite!!! What a cutie!

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Nancy!
She is simply her to bits. You are doing so well with this Puppy Grrls, I particularly love all the detail you have given this wee soul.
Keep 'em coming kiddo!
Warmest hugs,

the lady loves bears said...

Awww so cute I love border collies Flame is gorgeous and Checkers I have Ziggy at home he is a lovely lovely boy but then I'm so bias LOL :)

Joy said...

what cute dogs and love the little puppy you are sending her. Did you make it?