Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Too much to do

I love this time of year - getting ready for the holidays and all that means. But I have a few other things on my plate this year. I have been summoned for jury duty next week(Nov 5). My hubby, Bill, has been scheduled for knee replacement surgery on the 12th. He has several pre op appts next week, including a class that details everything that will happen after surgery(rehab, etc). I probably will not be able to go because of jury duty and I would really like to be there. I will be taking care of him when he gets out of the hospital.

I just started an online webdesign class at ebearz university. I'm excited about it, I just hope my schedule doesn't interfere too much. I also signed up to do the Ho Ho Bearz online show Thanksgiving weekend. I need to get all my photos and descriptions ready. I am trying to finish a couple of little dogs for the show. Photos have to be in by Nov 11. I will post sneak peaks later.

On top of everything else,Lexi, one of my Dachshunds, is having heart problems. She is on meds and goes in for a recheck tomorrow.

I remember when my children were on different soccer teams and all the running around that entailed. But I was a lot younger then. I'll get through...maybe even lose a little weight in the process.


Vee said...

What a busy time you will have of it Nancy...I am sending you some good vibes and hopefully a smidge of energy packed into them.

Wonder if you could get out of jury duty with a note from your hubby's doctor? primary health care giver..etc..?

Nancy said...

I picked up a letter from the Dr's office today-hopefully it will get me out of it.