Friday, March 28, 2008

Luli the Panda in my Etsy shop

Little Luli is just 7" tall. Her pretty turquoise color came from dying with Berry Blue Kool-aid. I like dying with Kool-aid because you get such vivid colors. I found the little "take-out" purse box first and thought it would go well with a little Panda. Please visit Luli and the other critters in my Etsy shop.

I also wanted to mention how excited I am that Hopalong and the Chick Roundup won it's catagory in the Softie Easter Parade. There were a lot of great entries and Lisa did a wonderful job of putting the parade together. Check out the new blog Plush Parade for more great softies.

1 comment:

fribbles said...

..okay, I totally picked up these very same purse take-out box Chinese things at Tar-jay and have a set of pandas planned also! Too funny!!!