Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a happy one! We had family, my brother & his family and my niece and her family...9 people, including us. We had a very nice visit.
I got my Christmas cards addressed and made a trip to the post office this morning, only to find it closed. I guess they are cutting back. There is another, bigger post office in town but I can wait til Monday. Yesterday, black Friday, I did a little shopping. No big malls or crazy Walmarts though, I just went to the fabric store. The closest one is a 40 minute drive. They only had 3 people working so it took awhile to get my fabric cut and paid for. I'm happy with my new fabric and have to get going making dolly and teddy clothes.
Today I took a few photos for the Toys Tea Party on Dec 6th. I have lots of dolls and other critters to attend the tea party. I even have some nice tea pots and tea sets, I just don't have any littles tables and only a few little chairs. Improvise, improvise!!

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