Sunday, April 17, 2011

Haven't been slacking off...

I really have been busy sewing. Most of the bears have just been waiting for a photo shoot. First there is Bebe. She made her debut in the recent issue of Teddy Bear Review in an article about inspiration. The cute yellow baby teddy fabric inspired me.

Second is Louise, aka "Weezie", the gardener. She is the "face" in my previous post. She is named after my mom, who loved to garden. Our front yard would be full of beautiful blooms this time of year.
Berry Cream
Third is Berry Cream, another in the sweet little bears series. She is just 6 inches tall. Her body and head were dyed a pretty strawberry cream color.
Lastly is Rufus. I wasn't sure about him as I put together some scraps of mohair for his head. But he turned out as an appealing little mutt.
Also completed 2 other critters that hope to make an appearance in the next issue of Teddy Bear Review and another bear who is just awaiting some accessories.

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Bearly Sane said...

They are Warmest Hugs,
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