Sunday, October 7, 2012

Still waiting for Fall

Here in Florida it still feels like summer. That's not unusual because we could still be in the 80's in November. Sometimes I miss the cool, crisp fall days and changing leaves but I definitely don't miss cold winters. Been kinda goofing off this last week.  I read 2 books by one of my favorite authors at the beginning of the week and watched baseball with Bill. He is a big Yankees fan. Yesterday, I started working on the face for my first mohair monkey. It didn't go well so I started over today. My show page is ready for the Fall~La~La show, which starts on Friday the 12th. You can see why Nudge is called "an Elf for all seasons" in the photo. He has a hat for each one.

1 comment:

vivian said...

love your little Nudge! so cute! I would love to have some 80 degree days right now.. its freak'n cold out. it was 59 in the house when i woke up this morning. brrrr!
have a great week Nancy!