Sunday, November 11, 2012

Named after a hurricane

This little dog got it's name because I was watching coverage of the storm while sewing. Sandy was designed to sit and is only 6 inches tall, not including that perky ear. I'm pleased with the way Sandy turned out and there will probably be more puppies headed to Tampa with me in February. Couldn't decide which background was best. Which do you think: blue or black?
There are still a couple of projects frustrating me. The monkey I mentioned several posts ago had been put away for several weeks. One head has already been rejected and I'm not happy with the second. He is supposed to have a needle felted face. I learned about needle felted faces in a class taught online by Judi Paul. She taught that you have to think from the end. After looking at many, many monkey faces visualizing the end result escapes me. So it was best to put him away for awhile. I also ran into a problem with the bear I am currently working on. He has had 2 different heads. After making the second I went back to the first and narrowed the center gusset. Not sure why I am struggling so much and I sometimes wonder if other bear makers also have these troubles.
Anyway, there are a couple of things besides critters I want to make as holiday gifts. Got to get busy.

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The House Of Genista said...

Sandy is gorgeous and the name suits him perfectly. I like the blue background best.