Sunday, January 13, 2013

For Baby

Been working on this all week. It took a couple of weeks to get everything together. Even after starting this project I had to go back for more supplies. My niece's baby girl, Annabelle, is due the first week of Feb. Rather than the Winnie the Pooh cover on the infant car seat, my niece has decided she wants pink John Deere. After pricing a custom made cover on etsy, she messaged me, asking if I could make one. She took the cover and canopy off the car seat and sent them to me.  I knew right away it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.  I used wrapping paper and the Winnie seat cover to make a pattern.
The John Deere cover needs to go over the Winnie cover because it has the proper padding. The John Deere material is a one way design so all the tractors have to go in the right direction.
My niece saw this bumpy soft velour in blue used for a seat cover on etsy. I found it in brown at Hobby Lobby.
All the slots cut in for the belts. The edges finished with bias tape. I am thinking I will add some velcro the both the Winnie seat and the new cover so it stays where it's supposed to.
Now to finish the canopy. Then back to sewing bears! 


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