Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Bears and Dogs from scraps

The last couple of weeks I decided I needed to use up most of my mohair stash before I ordered more. These 3 bears are from small pieces that were left over. Andy Panda is already on his way to a new home. The other two, Summer and Lola, will be available on Bear Pile . I also made a tiny string jointed dog. The plan is to make several of them before the Greater Orlando Doll Show on May 5th. The little dogs are the perfect pet for Barbie. As for the plan to use up my mohair stash before ordering more.....fail. Put in an order yesterday.

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Greg Day said...

they are cute not obvious that they came from scraps. I check out your etsy too, lots of cool stuffs. Keep up the good artworks :) I am also starting to make some of mine here and just wondering around to fetch idea, sometimes I am mentally blank.