Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Bears

Well, I have managed to get some new bears finished. I am working on a few more and a couple of new ideas popped into my head today. I am already thinking 2009, which is unusual for me. Next month is normally a stretch much less next year. I haven't decided if these bears are going in my etsy shop or on Bid 4 Bears. Maybe Bid 4 Bears first and if they don't sell, then my etsy shop.
This first little Panda is Butterfly Kisses. The fur is the longest I have worked with in a while. I love pink and black together.
Butterfly Kisses

The other Panda is the newest in my Me N My Best Friend series. Mi Su is the first in the series to have a kitten instead of a puppy. Her Siamese is named Mali.
Mi Su and Mali cuddle

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