Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sprites for Sale on Etsy Special Price

I have been so busy I have neglected my blog. I think I am finally getting into a routine with the new business, at least the accounting part. I am still ordering more forms, repair parts, and paying fees.
I have also been working on my Christmas project. It's kinda hard getting into the Christmas mood in 90 degree weather. I have played some Christmas music and it drives Bill crazy. I have tried to bounce some ideas off him but he just can't get his head around Christmas when all he wants is to jump in the pool. The project is coming along though and I can't wait to get to AC Moore's or Michael's to pick up a few things. Usually the craft stores know if your making something for Christmas you have to start early.
These bears I call Sprites have been sitting in my critter room for over a year. They are ready to see new sights so I put them in my etsy shop at a special price. Please pay them a visit, they would love to meet you. They are..
Periwinkle the Beary Sprite
Viola the Sprite
Primrose the Beary Sprite

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