Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally finished her

A vision of this little girl bear came to me one night several months ago. Sometimes my best ideas materialize right before I go to sleep. I saw everything, from the red polka dot dress to the little Mary Jane shoes.
The first thing I shopped for was the material for her dress. It had to be red with black dots. Most of the material had either the wrong color dots or the dots were too big. Finally, I found the fabric in the local quilting shop. Then after the two shows in February I ordered some mohair. After completing my submissions for the Black and White Ball, I started to work on her. She was ready to be dressed by the last week in March. Her dress was the first I have made with pleats but it turned out just as I had seen in my mind. Her little undies were made from a vintage hankie.
Now I needed her shoes. I have always had trouble fitting shoes for my bears. Generally a bears feet are wider than dolls feet. I had one pair of cute black dolls shoes but at 2 1/4", they were too big. Googling doll shoes, there were several good sites with prices from $3 to $10 per pair. CR's Crafts had the best price and selection so I ordered a pair of shoes along with a couple of other little things. After waiting almost a week for the package to arrive, I tore into it to find a pair of very tiny shoes. The soles were the right length, but there was no way they were going on bear feet. Drats!!! A trip to the thrift store solved the problem. I purchased a patent leather(I don't think it's real leather anymore) clutch purse. Using a down sized shoe pattern for 18" dolls, I made little patent Mary Janes and a purse.
The end result....Becky Ann . She is available on my website.
I don't know where the drive comes from to create but I feel satifaction.

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customteddys said...

She is delightful! I love the dress and shoes... lots of work went into this one, I know! Hugs from Vicki and the bears