Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

I stopped at a few garage/yard sales on Friday after my regular errands. Usually I look for little knic knacks or doll things I can use with my creations. The last sale I stopped at was more like an estate sale with everything in the home being sold. Apparently someone had collected Teddy bears, as there was a table full. Most were Boyds and there were a few store brands. It's a good thing I decided to dig a little. These two wonderful Steiff bears came home with me for $5 each. They are in wonderful condition. The one with the red, white, and blue bow is called Teddy's Bear and is dated 1998. The other is Delighted and dated 1997. I think they are my best find at a yard sale ever!

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customteddys said...

Amazing! Lucky for you!! Hugs, Vicki and the bears