Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October's here

I got out my Halloween decorations today. I really don't have many, we rarely get any trick or treaters. Bill and I end up eating all the candy. I can't find Frankenweiner, though. I made him at least 3 years ago(maybe 4). The mohair was dyed with lime kool aid and his brow is needle felted. He wears bolts and nuts on his collar. Bill found the spring for his tail. Couldn't bring myself to sell him, so he usually comes out of the critter room in the fall. Many things were packed away in preparation for a move that hasn't happened yet. Tomorrow I will hunt him down.
All the little bears for the Holiday show are finished and waiting to be photographed. Then I need to format the web page and add Paypal buttons. Make sure to mark your calendars...Nov 20 and 21st, Teddies Worldwide Online Holiday Show.


vivian said...

Hi Nancy! I was just thinking about you earlier when someone asked if I had met any of my online friends! Ive been really busy lately and am wanting to slow down a bit.. I could use another vacation. Well thats not going to happen. at least its a three day weekend this weekend. good ole columbus!
post pics of your halloweenies!

M. E. Bears said...

Hi Nancy. I love your blog.....would you like to follow mine too. I am asking artists why they started to make bears.
Did you get my email in regards to a bear I had put aside for you....
Hugs Wendy

Alba Linea said...

ooooh what a cuty! but i think he fight a lot. *smile* best wishes and big bear hugs!