Friday, July 8, 2011


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Dog Days
We are now well into the Dog Days of summer here in Florida. I am currently listening to the radio, waiting to hear if the final shuttle launch is a go. The weather has been a factor as we have a tropical wave bringing clouds, rain and possible thunder and lightening. The actual launch pad is a little more than 6 miles as the crow flies from us. We live about a mile from the intercoastal waters and the pad is almost directly across the river. As soon as launch is confirmed we will drive up to the park on the water. The neatest thing is feeling the rumble about 30 seconds after liftoff. We have watched every launch since we moved here 7 years ago. This is the very last one and I will miss seeing them.
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It is now one week until the Bears On Parade online show at Teddies Worldwide. Make sure to go to the preview page and vote on the collector's choice.


vivian said...

hi nancy. did the shuttle go up? I missed hearing about it. Thats got to be pretty cool to watch in person. I know my mom and her husband used to watch them too,though not as close as you.
I hope your summer is going well and youre getting lots of beach time in! I'm thinking of having another beach day on friday!
wish I was at the ocean though!

vivian said...

hi nancy! I just left a comment but I think it disappeared! I guess I was just saying how cool it is that you are close enough to go watch the shuttle and that I hadnt heard if it ended up going up or not. that and i said that I hoped you were getting some good beach days in! I'm planning one for Friday this week. Though, wishing it was at the ocean instead of the lake. I do LOVE my lake though.
have a great day.. (lets see if this comment sticks now..)