Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eye Problems

I primarily use something I call "google" eyes. (Spell check is telling me google is spelled wrong ???) Anyway, I have used a couple of sources for these eyes. They are white glass with a black pupil. I love the expressions I am able to achieve with them and the look has kind of become my signature. The problem is because they are hand blown glass it's really hard to get a matching pair. The pupil can be almost anywhere on the white glass and the thickness of the white glass varies. I prefer the pupil off to one side and maybe covering about a third of the white. When ordering 10 pair there is a wide variation in the eyes I receive as you can see from the photos. The 13 mm came with the pupil covering most of the white. I have used them but the expression is totally different.
Orders from 2 sources have recently been sent back. I requested the off center pupil and even sent a drawing and photos of what I wanted. Still, they sent eyes with a small pupil in the very center. There are already many odd eyes in my eye box.
All bear artists know the expression is very, very important. I would love to find a source with more consistent quality.

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