Thursday, October 6, 2011

October decorating

We moved into this neighborhood just 9 months ago. Our previous home was semi rural so there were never any trick or treaters. Since we are now in a very large subdivision I'm hoping to have some. Our street is relatively quiet, with very few children that actually live on the street. We have met most of our neighbors but, while friendly, there isn't much interaction. Just a friendly hello and wave if we happen to be outside at the same time. Today, I pulled my container of Halloween decorations and while setting them out on the front porch I one else on the street has any decorations out. Hmmmm...does that mean they don't encourage the treat or treaters? I think I'll get Bill the ask the neighbor next door. They occasionally talk over the fence.
Meanwhile, I have set out a couple of my previous fall creations. I made Knobby the Autumn Gnome a few years ago when I first started needle felting. He was to be a teddy bear but insisted he was not a bear.One of my favorites is Frankenweiner. His mohair fur was dyed with lime Kool-aid. Hope this neighborhood is more festive at Christmas!

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vivian said...

oh.. we should have been neighbors Nancy!! I love your halloween creations!!
I hope your neighbors take a cue from you and step it up a bit!