Friday, December 2, 2011


Since this is the first Christmas in our new home it took longer to decorate than usual. There were a couple of trips to Targé and Wally World to get more lights. Several weeks ago we picked up a 6 ft prelit tree at a yard sale. Since only the middle lights worked when we got around to plugging it in more lights were needed. New lights for the outside of the house and a really cute lighted dog in a Santa hat finished things off. There are little snowmen and teddy bears in sleighs through out the house.
I also completed a pretty pink bear, Dodi. I love brown and pink together. Poor Victoria has been sitting on the shelf for over a year. She was wearing a vintage piece of lace as a shawl so I decided she needed a dress. Now the vintage lace is a collar. Don't know if I will finish any more before Christmas. Need to do some baking and fudge makin!

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