Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Past

Merry & Chris Meese
I thought I would start off the Christmas season with photos of past creations. Some are still here and come out of the critter room to help with decorations. Some have traveled to other locations and are hopefully happily on display. The first are Merry and Chris Meese. They are from the 2007 Christmas season and still reside here. Rudy the Reindog brings goodies to all good little doggies. He was also from 2007 and now resides in New Mexico.

Rudy the Reindog
Bubba is having a little trouble decorating the tree. He keeps trying though, right here with me.

Bubba does Christmas
Peppermint Patti is one of my favorites. She was creating in 2008 and now lives in California.

The Carolers were in a feature in Teddy Bear and Friends magazine in 2008.

Carolers 3
Christy is asking "Has Santa come yet?". Created in 2008, she is still waiting at my home. Noelle, created in 2009, is ready for shopping. She is in Connecticut, where the shopping is good. Then there is Randy, Rudolph's cousin, made for a Teddy Talk ornament swap. He is staying cool in Canada.

Has Santa come yet?Noelle is ready to go shopping.Randy Reindeer
Then last year it was Chilly and Willy riding their toboggan. They are now playing in Pennsylvania.

Chilly & Willy
The only Christmas creation for this year is the Fairy Gift Bear. I posted about her back in September but I will post a photo again next time.

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The House Of Genista said...

They are all gorgeous! I especially love Bubba, he looks so sweet and appealing.