Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playing with dolls

Since moving a little over a year ago I haven't played with my Blythe doll, Shannon, at all. I had even decided to sell her. I did sell some of her clothes I had made myself and some shoes and accessories that I had purchased. While looking at the pics of beautiful dolls, including Blythes, on Pinterest the interest in making some doll clothes came back. Bill saw me looking at the pics and asked if I had sold my Blythe doll. When I told him I still have her, he said "Good, I know you liked that doll". I didn't realize he felt that way(I figured he thought me silly). So, Shannon will be coming out of her box soon. I'm sure she is tired of being ignored.
I have also dreamed of getting a Lati or similar small bjd doll. Fellow Teddy bear artist, Joanne, purchased an blank hujoo doll and customized it herself. As Lati dolls start at $300 this would be a lot more affordable for me. Not sure I could handle the customizing myself. it involves inserting eyes, making a wig and adding some color to her face. I'm thinking about it....what will Bill say if I get another doll??

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Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I love your beautiful doll. Pinterest certainly makes me want to play more, so does Flickr.

I was not hard to customize my doll. I looked at lots of pictures and I read lots of tutorials all over the web. Even the wig was on the web. The eyes were the easiest part. The back of the dolls head opens up, I just used fun tack that I rolled into a snake and placed around the eyes. Again another tutorial.
Look around at all the tutorials and see if you think it is something you can do. I bet yes.
I can't wait to see some of the new clothes you come up with for your Blythe.