Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back from limbo

Also known as dead computer. Last Wednesday I woke up and routinely turned on the computer. When an error message popped up saying "windows can not open...error something or other", I was really awake. After breakfast, we packed it up and took it to the computer hospital at Staples. It took them a day to tell us it was DOA. Another trip to pick out a new computer. When did we become so dependent on the computer and the internet? It was just 2 ½ days without and we felt totally isolated. The worst part was the Teddies Worldwide online show was due to start on Friday. Finally, at 2 on Friday afternoon the new computer was ready. They were able to retrieve some info off my old hard drive(for and extra charge). Unfortunately, now, I don't have the software to open some of them. The new computer has windows 7 so it will take a little getting use to. I haven't tried loading frontpage yet. I maintain my website with it and microsoft has discontinued it. Don't know what I will do if it won't work. I did lose a lot of my bookmarks and email addresses. I really need to start backing up on a regular basis...onto a flash drive to be safe.
Dolly did find a new home at the Teddies Worldwide show. She packed up her little case and headed to Virginia. The others will be available soon. I was very happy with the way the Tea Cup Fairies turned out and I hope they will find new homes soon.

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