Saturday, August 4, 2012

Etsy listings and Garage Sale Find

Trying to get caught up after a 3 day road trip to Georgia. It is normally an eight hour drive from here to north of Atlanta but we managed to get to Atlanta and 5pm on a Friday afternoon.We visited with hubby's sons and grandchildren. It was a nice visit but it really took a lot out of us and a week later I think we have finally recovered.
I listed a number of Teddy bears and critters that are still hanging around here in my etsy shop. Chopper the little spotted anime dog and Gwendolyn are just 2 of the listings. Meanwhile I'm working on a custom order Dachshund.

Bill and I went to garage/yard sales this morning. Besides 2 nice pair of shorts for him at $1 apiece and 3 tops for me at 50 cents apiece, I found this cute Patsy doll. She is just a reproduction but I will have fun making clothes for her.

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Creative Breathing said...

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me at Creative Breathing. Your creations are absolutely adorable! Each face has such personality! You made my day by telling me you also recall Iverson Mall. Those truly were fun days in the early 70's. The Mall was the place to be! Have a lovely week. Elizabeth