Sunday, July 22, 2012

Toy Airplanes

I have made an aviator bear. Can't reveal him yet but he needs a plane. I envision him with a vintage looking toy plane but I have run into a problem. Size wise the plane should have a 4 -5 inch wingspan. Maybe a wooden biplane? Or an old tin toy one? So I started searching with no idea how difficult it would be. The wood one are all too big or too expensive. The tin toy ones are definitely way expensive...more than I would sell the bear for. I was hoping to find a toymaker that makes wooden toys. I thought I had found one on Craig's list but he didn't answer the email. Last night I came across some airplane ornaments and some are the right size. So I am looking at a quasi vintage(1974) wood mattel plane with a plastic propeller and a Kurt Adler ornament(the green and red one in the photo). I keep searching and hoping to find something better.
My aviator bear is Christmas themed so I am kinda leaning toward the red and green one....

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