Saturday, September 22, 2012

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This has been on my mind all week. Besides all the political ads :-( , there have been a lot of back to school and fall clothing ads. My interest in style is just not there anymore. Don't get me wrong, I like to look nice, but the desire to keep up with the latest trends is gone. It has been replaced by wanting to be comfortable. I realize this tags me as "over the hill" but I have come to accept it. I occasionally  see clothes I think are really cute but know I would look like a late middle ager trying to look like a teenager.
I remember in 7th grade begging my mom for GoGo boots. For those that don't remember, they were white patent leather knee high boots with heels.  It's a good thing my mom didn't relent because they would have looked ridiculous on me. I also remember my first pair of bell bottoms. They weren't blue denim but green plaid.  I guess I really was never much of a "fashionista". Now days you will find me in a comfortable pair of jeans and a my style classic.

The photo is me in 1971. I made that outfit myself. It was grey pinstripe and the pants were bell bottom.

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vivian said...

arent you cute! I loved big bell bottoms in the 70's and smocking tops. Id wear them again!
lol.. not much of a fashionista here either~
happy Sunday Nancy!