Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lunch time

I played some yesterday and made a dress and some leggings for Pippa. So today she is having lunch with Sunkist, a Strawberry Shortcake girl. It would be nice to find the time to make Pippa some more clothes. 
This will be a busy week with several Dr appointments, including one for Lexi very early tomorrow morning. Looks like an eye infection. Poor thing, she gets all the ailments and Lucy just keeps chugging along at age 17. I think Lucy was stung by a bee or some other bug bite just under one eye. I noticed her rubbing it and next time I looked at her she had a puffy face. So I gave her a benedryl and within a couple hours the swelling was gone.
One good thing, Bill's appointment is near Hobby Lobby and Michael's, so I have been making a list of things to shop for.

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