Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bosco & Bing Cherry on Bid 4 Bears

I have decided to give Bid 4 Bears another try. My last Dog Patch Puppy did not sell. I have listed 2 this time and lowered the starting price a bit. I wonder if I should invest in making the listing "featured". The pictures show across the top of the page in addition to small thumbnails next to the listing. I notice many bears and critters ARE selling and most are featured. Of coarse many of them are well known names(not sour grapes just a fact).

Bosco is a 7" Dog Patch Puppy and Bing is one of 4 Cherry Bon Bons

I have built up a small inventory of finished critters. I need to sell at least a few so I can afford more mohair and supplies to make more. I have enough mohair to keep me busy for a little while but sometimes an idea requires something different than what is in the stockpile. Of coarse I have already ordered the new mohair so it would be nice to sell something before the credit card bill arrives!


Amelia said...

Nancy, alot of us on Bid4Bears are part of the campaign wherein we agreed to list 8 bears over a two month period, in exchange for free listings---means it's free to list but we are still charged final value fees.

It's a big push to get Bid4Bears to be the new alternative to eBay!

I really like your puppies! I know what you mean about ordering more materials without selling off your critters---my husband's forbade me to do any more counting-chicken spending!! =P

Yvette said...

I love your puppies! they are adorable. Good luck with them on Bid 4 Bears.!!