Friday, May 25, 2007

Today-my eyes

I had an eye doctor appt this morning-just a yearly check up. I planned to continue on to the fabric store afterward, 35 miles farther down the road. Well, I forgot that the Dr was going to dilate my eyes for the exam. When I walked out-mind you it was a cloudy day- I wasn't sure I could find my car. My sunglasses helped a little. I was getting a head ache from squinting so I found my husband's sunglasses in the console and put them on over my own sunglasses. I'm sure it looked really strange but I couldn't see anyone well enough to know if they were looking at the blind lady. I managed to stay on the road even though every time the sun peeked out from behind the clouds it was like someone shining a flashlight in my eyes. Nothing was going to deter me from going to the fabric store. I had been wanting to go for weeks but with gas prices I had to wait until I needed to go to several places in the area. By the time I got there my eyes had cleared enough for me to enjoy myself and the memorial day sale.


Laura Lynn said...

Oh my gosh Nancy!! Thank goodness you made it safely... since you did make it safely.. it's a funny story LOL!!!
Laura Lynn

Vee said...

Oh, my God! I can't imagine driving like that! I could hardly grope my way to my husband's office after having that done one time. And "my way" was through what we call Plus Fifteens.... a long set of corridors 15 feet off the ground that connect the downtown buildings here in Calgary.