Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Eyes have it.

I am trying to decide which eyes to use on a little girl bear I am working on. I poked holes when I want the eyes to go and tried 3 different sets of eyes. Two are glass google eyes - one set is 8mm and the other is 10mm. I also tried 10mm black glass. I think they all look ok and it will come down to the "look" I am trying to achieve. She is going to have a big brother so I have to take that into consideration too. Decisions, decisions!


Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Boy that's a hard choice Nancy. I like them all. The googly-eyes are so cute though and look quite mischievous. That's probably the one I'd go with. Like, the "sorry I let your frog go" look!

Yvette said...

They are all cute looks.
If she has a big brother than she has to be rolling her eyes at him. That is what happens at my house anyway. My daughter is always looking up at her brother and rolling her eyes LOL

I love this bears nose. It is really cute!!