Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bear Fanny Pack Pattern

It has been suggested that I post the instuctions for turning a purchased fanny or belt pack into a bear or critter pack. These make great gifts, especially to Teddy Bear collectors and children.

The link for the pattern is on my website links page.
12” x 12” piece mohair (smaller if just doing head & arms—I think it looks like the bear is climbing out of the fanny pack this way)
Pair of eyes – your choice (use safety eyes if for a child)
Set of 10 joint discs & hardware (6 if only making head & arms)
Matching paw pad material
Purchased fanny pack

Sew head & arms as if making a regular bear. Leg-leave top open for jointing. Put disc & bolt (I use glue method) into head. Stitch around opening and pull tight leaving bolt sticking out.
Measure to the middle of the top of the fanny pack and mark. Measure about 2” on either side of center mark and mark. Using awl poke holes at the marks and joint head & arms just like jointing to a regular body.
If adding the legs, stuff them to the top. I left a small opening in the back seam to add more stuffing if needed. Gather the top just like the head. Put your disc w/glued bolt in the top, gather and leave bolt sticking out. Make 2 marks on the bottom of the fanny pack equal distance from the center. Pole a hole with your awl and attach just like the head.
You can find the pattern on my website links page, but any bear pattern for an 8” – 12” bear will work. The legs just need to altered.
You can use different ears for a dog, cat, or bunnie.


Lisa of Twin Cubs said...
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Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Sorry about that Nancy. I messed up in my previous post. Anyway, I meant to say your fanny pack tutorial is nice and I heard the same thing about you. For an explanation, see my q.D.paToOtieS Blog entry for today!!!

Yvette said...

What a really cute idea! He looks like he is climbing up to get in the pack.

How nice of you to share the tutorial!

Laura Lynn said...

What a very cool project Nancy!