Monday, January 28, 2008

Closing time

It's sad. We have had a thrift store for almost six years. First in North Carolina, then here in Florida. We called it B & N Trading Post (for Bill & Nancy). It has been so much fun. We started out going to auctions and when the garage became full we opened a store. It was like a treasure hunt and we did acquire quite a few treasures. More than once, at storage unit auctions, we ended up with diamonds and gold. When we started prices were reasonable and we made a decent profit. We met a lot of nice people too.

Now we don't even make rent. You would think in hard economic times thrift stores would do well but not here. Many of our customers are snowbirds, people that come to Florida for the winter. There just aren't as many anymore. High gas prices? Anyway it's time to move on. B & N is closing it's doors.

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Kathy said...

That is so sad. I thought a thrift store would be doing a good business with the way times are. Sorry to hear you have to close.