Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sea Shells by the Seashore

We had a really great Sunday. It was cold for us(54) and windy but we decided to take a drive to Melbourne, about 50 miles south of us. There was a Sea Shell festival at the auditorium. We have a collection of shells on display in our living room(the shelf with the sailboat on top).

There were beautiful displays of so many different kind of shells, we walked around with our mouths open. I also won a door prize-a gorgeous pair of shell earrings! We bought a shell for our collection that was polished til the mother of pearl showed through(pic of single shell).

Then I talked my hubby into stopping at the JoAnn's Superstore as I don't get to go often because of the distance. I picked up some buttons and ribbon for the bears I am working on.

To top the day off we ate at a Mexican restaurant on the ocean. It was recommended by some friends and it was as good as they said.

Back to work now!


Yvette said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Your seashell collection is just wonderful.

BumbleVee said...

I live in a landlocked seashore within many hours of driving to the west... ..or at the other end of Canada.. which would entail many hours of flying.

Just this week I received in the mail, a tiny packet of lovely "sea treasures"... some tiny shells and sea glass... glass that has been tumbled smooth by waves and sand... I love it. I have always wanted a sand dollar...which I know can be found on the west coast beaches..but not sure about the east. Must ask Susan, who sent me my lovely glass if they show up there too.

beautiful shells!